RAMDAM (the pilot)


Title : Ramdam
Director : Zangro
Duration : 26 mn
Year : 2017
Production : Bien ou Bien Productions
Genre : Fiction
Format : 1.85
Country: France
Language : French


In a small mosque located in the south-west of France, a child’s drawing representing a masked character is controversial: super hero or jihadist?
Amine, Imam by profession, will have to manage the unmanageable.


Meilleure Série Française 26'
La Rochelle 2017
Coup de Coeur
Festival de Luchon 2018
Prix SACD 
Festival Cinébanlieue 2018
Best Picture
Global Motion Picture Awards 2018
Best Cinematography
Global Motion Picture Awards 2018
Grand Prix
Image & Vie (Dakar)
Bronze Award - TV / Pilot Program Series
Virgin Spring Cinefest (Inde)