Title : Mother(s)
Director : Maïmouna Doucouré
Duration : 21min 03
Year : 2015
Production : Bien ou Bien productions
Genre : Fiction - Dramatic Comedy
Country : France
Language : French
Subtitle : English


The 8-year-old Aida lives in an apartment in the Parisian suburb. The daily life of Aida and the whole family is overwhelmed when her father comes back from Senegal, their country of origin. Actually, he did not come back alone. He returned with the young senegalse Rama whom he introduced as his second wife. Aida is very sensitive to her mother's distress. She decides then to get rid of the new visitor.


César Meilleur Court-Métrage
César du Cinéma (France)
Best Sort Film International
Sundance Film Festival 2016 (USA)
Best Sort Film Award
Toronto International Film Festival 2015 (Canada)
Prix International des Etudiants
Prix France Culture Cinéma 2016
Aduna Award for Short Film
Africa in Motion Scotland African
Film Festival 2015 (Ecosse)
Winner Audience Award
Tetova International FIlm Festival ODA 2015 (Macédoine)
Jury Award
Leuven International Short Films Festival 2016 (Belgique)
Grand Prix du Jury
Festival International de Contis 2015 (France)
Winner Best Short Film
Tetova International Film Festival ODA 2015 (Macédoine)
Grand Prix du Jury
Colcoa French Film Festival 2016